Lectors are the people who read God's Holy Word at Mass. 

Becoming a lector at weekend masses is an opportunity to 
proclaim the Word of God.  
Enhance your spiritual journey by growing closer to the Scripture readings.  
A Lector workbook and training is provided. 
Volunteers for this ministry are always welcome. 
Joyce Gianfelice is the coordinator for the lectors. 
Please contact Joyce (resolute107@verizon.net) for more information.




The new lector workbooks will be available  after Thanksgiving. (The new liturgical year began on the weekend of December 1 and 2 2018 with the first Sunday of Advent.)





There will be a joint training for young lectors and cantors on Saturday September 22 2018 at 9:00 am. This training will focus primarily on microphone placement and diction. All young lectors and cantors need to attend.
For information contact Felicia Foger; Coordinator of Religious Education or Patrick Botti; Director of Music Ministries.



















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