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2021-2022 Religious Education and Confirmation Registration

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Religious Education Grades 1 to 8 and Confirmation Grades 9 & 10 will be held on-site at Our Lady's Academy on Sunday mornings from 9:50 to 10:50 am. Opening Day is Sunday, October 3. Deadline is Wednesday, September 29 to register to attend class on Opening Day, October 3.

The mission of Our Lady’s Religious Education Program, including Grade 2 First Communion Sacramental Preparation and Grades 9 & 10 Confirmation Sacramental Preparation, remains strong and steadfast as always, and especially going forward. That mission is to help our children become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ as members of His Church, to learn their prayers, to learn about the Eucharist and Mass, to learn of God’s Mercy through the Sacrament of Confession, to know right from wrong, to learn about the Ten Commandments, to learn about the Bible, to learn about the life, death and Resurrection of Jesus, to treat themselves and others with kindness and respect, to learn about the angels and saints, to learn all about Our Blessed Mother.….so many other things to help us live as God wants us to live!

An essential parish ministry, Religious Education classes are held on Sunday mornings at Our Lady's Academy. We are blessed with a large school building to safely accomodate all classes. At this time, our goal is to make Religious Education classes as safe, appropriate, formative and familiar as possible.

As always, your input, help and volunteering is valued and appreciated to meet expectations and needs. Our program is volunteer-based, and we are grateful for the parents, teachers and aides who give of their time and talent to help the students. Volunteers must submit a CORI form and virtually attend a VIRTUS: Protecting God's Children session, if they have not yet done so.

Please contact Felicia Forger, CRE at 781-894-3481 x3 or if you need anything, have any questions, would simply like to talk, need information about confidential assistance or arrangement with fees, or if you are interested in helping with the program.

May our Blessed Mother keep us in her loving care.

Thank You!


As our parish life is centered upon celebration of the Eucharist, so is our Religious Education Program. We historically provide classroom instruction, service projects, field trips, and celebration of the sacraments for youth in grades 1 – 10 in a welcoming, active and caring environment.

Grades 1-8 have class time on Sunday mornings. First Communion preparation and celebration is integrated into Grade Two curriculum. Classes begin in early fall and end in late spring and usually meet at least twice a month, following the secular school calendar. The Sadlier Publishing Program “We Believe” is the catechesis syllabus used for Grades 1- 4. Grades 5 -8 utilize Pflaum Gospel Weeklies “Venture” and “Visions”, which are based on the weekly Gospel readings.

Confirmation Program is a two-year course of study and service for Grades 9 & 10. Also held on Sunday mornings. Students receive the sacrament of Confirmation in the Spring of Grade 10. Dynamic Catholic “Decision Point” provides a relevant, engaging and challenging curriculum for this age-group.

Throughout the year, for all the grades, Father DiPerri and Father Pham regularly meet with the students during class time. Also, for grades 3 – 8, opportunity for Confession is available by grade during class time. An Advent and a Lenten Penance Service for Confirmation students are also scheduled.  

Please contact Felicia Forger, Coordinator of Religious Education, at or 781-894-3481 x3.


Opportunities to volunteer as a teacher/team teacher, classroom or hallway aide, and substitute teacher are available. Many of our volunteers return each year, however spots are open! Religious Education volunteers receive removed or reduced tuition rates for their children in the program. Please contact Felicia Forger at 781-894-3481 x3 or on how you can join this essential, rewarding faith-formation ministry for your parish community and personal enrichment for your own faith-life. 

All volunteers who work with minors must attend a “VIRTUS: Protecting God’s Children” session once and complete a CORI form yearly. To help you meet the requirement to attend "VIRTUS: Protecting God's Children", the session is now available as on-line participation to virtually attend at your convenience.


Grade Two students and other First Communicants of OLCA Religious Education and Our Lady’s Academy will celebrate together First Penance on a Saturday in the spring and First Holy Communion Mass in May.


Confirmation Sacramental Preparation is for students in Grades Nine and Ten attending public, private and parochial schools. The program typically consists of classroom instruction and discussion, service to the parish and community, field trip, retreat attendance, and written assignment. However, because of the pandemic, some activities may be eliminated or modified. Students are confirmed in Grade Ten and Confirmation is in the spring.








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