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Welcome to our Adult Choir


The Adult Choir at Our Lady's Parish

Welcome to the Adult Choir page.


Welcome to our Adult Choir.

This is the page of the Adult Choir. Here you will find information on participating in our liturgies and joining the choir. You will also find information on rehearsals, schedules. programs, music. hymnals and other resources.

We are a choir composed of 25 men and women of all ages and musical skills. The choir typically sings at the Sunday morning 11 am mass. it also sings for all our major Liturgies and Feasts. The choir sings in four part harmony (SATB). Our repertoire is large and varied, from songs and anthems from the Renaissance period all the way to contemporary christian music. The choir usually rehearses on Thursday evening from 7 pm to 8:30 pm and on Sunday morning before mass at 10:15 am.

Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted Parish uses the OCP (Oregon Catholic Press) music program. The assembly uses the Breaking Bread Missalette. We are using the Respond and Acclaim book for our Responsorial Psalms.  In some instances we will use a different setting of a Psalm. Our mass setting is a composite of three masses, Notre Dame Mass (Warner) for the Holy, Holy (Sanctuis), Mass of Renewal (C. Stefan) for the Memorial Acclamation and Great Amen and Mass of Our Lady (Botti) for the Lamb of God (Agnus Dei).

Liturgy Music Program: The weekly music program as well as the music program for the Holy Days is listed on the music program page. Each week is presented as a pdf file that is printable and downloadable. The printed music is available in the music section of the music ministries pages. When available, links to recordings on YouTube will be provided. For copyright reasons, this page does not host audio recording of the music for our celebrations unless the songs and recordings are in the Public Domain or their posting and use has been authorized.

Cantors at Our Lady's: Some of our cantors are members of the Schola, a teenage advanced music group, specializing in traditional classical church repertoire from the Renaissance to the modern era. We also have adult cantors. The other cantors (12-14) participate in leading the assembly in songs for our youth celebrations, children's masses and other masses as well. Cantors rehearse on Thursday from 5pm to 6 pm and also 40 mns prior to the mass they cantor. Cantors who are also members of the schola rehearse instead on Thursday from 6 pm to 7 pm. See Schedules and Notes for Cantors.

Schola: It is a group of very talented teenagers with more advanced music and voice training dedicated to singing more traditional classical music religious repertoire. The group is very versatile and is equally at ease with music from Palestrina or modern Christian music.

Adult Choir, Schola and Cantor Personal Resources: Members of the choirs should always have the following resources:

Respond and Acclaim Book (2019)




Respond and Acclaim Hymnal




Breaking Bread Missalette (2019)




In addition each should also have a three ring binder with the solo and choir music sung as well as additional music not in the Missalette or in the Hymnal. A listing of all the pieces to be in the folder will be provided.

The Liturgical Cycles

Choir Schedules and Notes

Rehearsal and Mass Schedule (Jan-Jun 2018)

Cantor Script


Music Scores


Library by Seasons, Holy Days and Feasts


Music Liturgy Resources






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