Director of Music Ministries Search

June 2019


Parish Director of Music Ministries

Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted Parish, Waltham, MA


Position: Director of Music Ministries

Reports to: Church Pastor, Father James M. DiPerri


Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted Parish is seeking a Director of Music Ministries for our parish that serves more than 1,000 people at weekend Masses.  Our Lady’s is a vibrant and growing community of faith located in the Boston area, also blessed with a parish school of ca. 300 students, in which the school music teacher serves as the youth choir leader at the Sunday 9 a.m. and monthly First Friday Masses.  As a parish, we believe in community outreach, evangelization, and in living the Gospel as example of our faith in Jesus Christ.  The music ministry is very important to our parish life and Our Lady’s is proud of the strength of its music program.


Job Description: The Parish Director of Music Ministries is responsible for nurturing the prayer life of the community through music, particularly in coordinating music for weekly, Holy Day and school liturgical celebrations – collaborating with school music teacher, and fostering the growth of our music ministry. 


Music Leadership

  • Work with Parish Pastor and other staff to infuse music into liturgical celebrations, ministry events and overall parish life
  • Work collaboratively with a pastorally engaged Pastor and our Liturgical Music Ministry, which includes our school’s Music Teacher who also serves as Sunday Mass youth choir leader, an Adult Choir, and Cantors, Youth Choir and Cantors, Middle/High School Choir (Schola).Recruit new volunteers and coordinate weekly rehearsals to serve all liturgical celebrations:
    • 3 Masses with music per weekend
    • All school Masses (Monthly First Friday Masses, Occasional Special services, Graduation, etc.)
    • Holy days, special Masses (e.g. 2 yearly Marian evening services, Weekly Evening Lenten Stations of the Cross, First Friday School Masses, etc.) and sacramental celebrations (First Communion, Confirmation, etc.)
    • Funerals and Wedding (additional compensation)
  • Utilize a broad range of liturgical musical genres – particularly commonly sung traditional congregational hymns, Contemporary Christian Music, and occasional meditative hymns.
  • Provide mentorship and vision for the music ministry and its members, allowing ministers to develop their gifts and share them, creating a joyful community ministry where members feel engaged and connected to one another through a shared vocation and purpose.



  • Organ: Rogers, 3 manual digital (recent installation)
  • Piano: Baldwin, Model M


Qualifications and Requirements:  Personal characteristics are equal in importance to technical skills.  A successful candidate needs to be pastoral, have a positive personality, be kind, energetic, collaborative, engaging, inviting, and visionary. 

  • Practicing Catholic
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Music required
    • Master’s Degree or equivalent experience preferred
  • 4-5 years of experience as a church music director preferred
  • Experience with a deep love and understanding of the Catholic Faith and Liturgy
  • Equal proficiency in Piano and Organ
  • Skill, training and experience rehearsing and conducting choirs of different levels
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Some weekly office time – e.g. Weekly Staff meeting


Competitive salary and benefits with additional stipends for weddings and funerals. This is both a local and nation-wide search. We intend to fill the position by August 1, 2019.


To apply, please send resume and cover letter to Our Lady Comforter of the Afflicted Parish, Director of Music Ministries Search,


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